UNIDA Gontor Proundly Present; U-GO HEALTHY 2020

*Faculty of Health Sciences* *University of Darussalam Gontor* proudly presents:


*Topic: _”The Role of Health Professional in Halal Industry Solving Contemporary Issues of Covid -19″_*


🔊 *Keynote Speaker*: 🔊

  1. Kirana Pritasari, MQIH

_(General Director of Health Community Services, Ministry of Health Indonesia)_

*”The Challenges of Covid-19 Issues for Indonesian Health Workers at Halal Industry”*


1️⃣ *Dr. Tawat Naipom (Dr. Ismail)*

(Faculty of Islamic Science, PSU Thailand)

*”Developing Halal Lifestyle to Answer The Challenges of Covid-19 Issues in Terms of Science and Health”*

2️⃣ *Prof. Dr. Irwandi Jaswir, M.Sc*

(Dean of Academic, Research and Publication at INHART IIUM, Malaysia)

*”The Role of Nutritionists in Halal Nutrition Innovation to Face The Covid-19 Issues”*

3️⃣  *Ade Kurdiman, S.T., M.KKK*

(General Secretary of APKPI Corporate HSE Manager, PT. Harmoni Panca Utama)

*”The Role of OSH Expert in Developing Halal Industries to Face The New Normal Issues*

4️⃣ *Prof. Dr. Apt. Abdul Rahman, M.Si*

(Head of Post Doctoral Department of Pharmacy, University of Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta)

*“The Role of Phramacists in Developing Halal Products Authentication”*

5️⃣ *Assoc. Prof. Dr. Winai Dahlan*

(Founding Director of Halal Science Center, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)

*”The Potential and Challenges of Developing Halal Centers in Universities: Best Practices of Halal Science Center of Chulalongkorn University”*


🧕🏼 *Moderator*:

Sisca Mayang, M.Sc

Lecture of Faculty of Health Science, University of Darussalam Gontor

*Date* : Sunday , August 30th 2020 Time : 08.00 a.m (WIB) – until end (GMT+8)

*Registration* : https://bit.ly/U-GOHealthy

*Platform* : ZOOM cloud meeting

Live Streaming on *Youtube Channel*: Gontortv



✅ *e-certificate SKP IAI & Persagi* (Fee: IDR 50k)

*More Information*

  1. Sisca Mayang: wa.me/6285736935463
  2. Amilia Yuni: wa.me/6285725663185
  3. M. Rifki Taufik: wa.me/6282134688

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